Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pomosexuals, a Babel in our loins...

Eric Holmberg has a great outline of how we got into this mess of societal confusion HERE 

The basics, I quote :

Where modernism sought certainties rooted in supposed objectivity and human reason, postmodernism insists that truth is relative and certainties ephemeral.  Where modernism was concerned with drawing clear lines and categories, postmodernism is given to blurring those distinctions; constructing instead multiple subjectivities and exploring difference, plurality, textuality, and skepticism.

Instead a radical relativism has flooded western culture; “a revolt in the direction of a pagan polytheism—multiple gods, multiple voices, multiple laws, and a general clamor out of which it is possible to select whatever suits one at the time.”

The ultimate root, of course–in this or any other departure from the divine order–is sin, our inborn penchant for self-referential morality: doing and then justifying whatever we want to do. (And sexual desires are among the most powerful and universal of all human appetites–of what “we want to do.”)  Coupled with other dark forces, sin and its passions provide the baseline from which secondary causes emerge. Among them relative to pomosexuality are:

1  A prevailing postmodern worldview (as discussed above)

2. The explosive growth of the cult of the “sovereign self” that took place in the 20th Century

This cult was driven by all manner of forces, each interacting with the others so as to create a vast and powerful feedback loop.  They include but are not limited to:

— postmodern thought,

— Western affluence and the enormous increase in 
personal leisure time,

— a massive campaign of thought and behavior 
control waged by the public relations/advertising industries as they discovered how influential and lucrative it was to evoke/create the notion of the sovereign self…and then sell it things,

— disenchantment with the establishment thinking that gave us two World Wars and Vietnam,

— the sea-change that was the 60s, when “Do your thing”—with the emphasis on the “you”—became axiomatic,

— the breakdown of the family and the general atomization of society,

— creeping socialism: the growth of entitlement spending and entitlement thinking,

— revolutions in technology and digital communications that gave multitudes access to their own car, phone, iPod, computer…and a seemingly infinite world of hard-core pornography,

— a popular media industry (television, movies, music, magazine, books, video games, etc.) that absorbed the sovereign self motif and then explored, reiterated and milked it endlessly.

But perhaps the most important contributing factor of all was a Church that was far too compromised by all the above.
The stage was effectively set for multitudes “to begin to do what was right in their own eyes.” (Deut. 12:8; Judges 21:25; Pro. 12:5, 21:2)

 #3: The increase in the instances of physical, psychological and spiritual trauma impacting people’s families, sexual and gender identities and practices.

To adequately explore this last point would take a book, a big one. But in a nutshell the trauma was rooted in:

— the breakdown of the family (whether through divorce, out-of-wedlock births or the dearth of responsible, godly parenting in technically “intact” families),

— the explosion of pornography,

— the increase in sexual abuse (and the laxity of the laws and penal sanctions dealing with it),

— teasing, bullying and rejection on the part of one’s peers during early, key developmental periods for failing to conform to simplistic gender stereotypes,

— the culture’s growing acceptance and then celebration of “diversity” regarding twisted sexual and gender identities—coupled with the popular lie that sexual orientation is inborn and immutable,

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