Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trans issues are about money

John Milbank points out all the trans rights issues is just Corporate Capitalist propaganda :

"But liberalism includes capitalism: in the end, liberalism defines people as simply property-owners, narcissistic self-owners, choosers and consumers.

...Fluctuating identities and fluid preferences, including as to sexual orientation, consume still more, more often and more variously in terms of products and services.

The populist (as opposed to the well-heeled and ultra-liberal) faction amongst Brexiteers and Trumpists implicitly see all this – and realise that the marginalising of the family, as of secure labour, coherent community and safe environment, is not in their interests. For, as RR Reno and others have pointed out, the poor or relatively poor simply cannot afford the experimentation with sex, drugs and lifestyle that can be afforded by those cushioned by wealth. Thus the result of sexual liberalism and the decay of marriage as a norm for working people is too often women left on their own with babies, and young men (shorn of their traditional chivalric and regular breadwinning dignity) driven to suicide...."

Meanwhile The Dems are shocked Bernie is bringing up things Americans don't care about - like jobs, and Billionaires raping the economy:

Cuomo asked Bernie Sanders what he’d say to Americans who see Democrats as “more concerned with what bathroom people go into [than] how they earn a living?”

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