Monday, June 5, 2017

Atheism, Feminism, & Political Correctness doth make cowards of us all

"Anarcho-tyranny on the streets of London,  June 4 2017"

Men do not go to war for vaporous abstractions like “freedom” or “democracy” - they kill and die for their people, their family, and their God.

Without these - they just die.

Step 1 : Atheism, destroy their God

Say what you will about Islam, as Lee Harris observes in The Suicide of Reason, Radical Islam’s Threat To The West :

“While we think little further than our retirement, they think in terms of centuries–what, however, do centuries mean to us anymore? In the long run, we’re all dead–so who cares about the long-term fate of the West? Finally, while we raise our children to have contempt for the very traditions that created the Western cultures of reason, they are raising their children to be willing to die to keep their traditions alive.”

I think of the scene in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission, the protagonist sits in a chapel :

“I sat in the next-to-last row; attendance was sparse. Most of the audience was made up of young people in jeans and polo shirts, all with those open, friendly faces that for whatever reason you see on young Catholics… The alexandrines rang out rhythmically in the stillness, and I wondered what the patriotic, violent-souled Peguy could mean to these young Catholic humanitarians…did they love their homeland? Were they ready to give up everything for their country? I felt ready to give up everything, not really for my country, but in general.”

Step 2 - Political Correctness, destroy their identity

On the recent Islamic Terrorist attack Luke Torrisi in Australia writes about the helpless pitiful figure that is the modern Englishman :

"I can’t imagine three Englishmen walking through Beirut, Baghdad, Tehran or even Constantinople on a stabbing spree and getting very far. In fact, I can’t imagine them even engaging in a swearing fit or ‘racist tirade’ in such cities and avoiding hospitalisation. I imagine that the average Briton would be terrified of standing up in a cafe in Cairo and bellowing obscenities about Mohammed – they would genuinely fear for their very lives. I imagine that an Egyptian Muslim standing up in a London bar and swearing obscenities about Her Majesty or Christ or the English generally, would be met with a stunned silence, a cluster of filming smart phones, perhaps – in the right area – even agreement and applause."

Thomas Wictor responding to some progressive on twitter  relates how as two men are waiting to be killed by terrorists, one actually criticizes the other for offensive language against Muslims :

A British man took video as unarmed, helpless police came into a bar and told everyone to lie down on the floor.   In the middle of a mass-casualty terrorist attack, one customer shouted "F*cking Muslim c*nts!"

He thought he was about to die.

The man filming--in the MIDDLE OF THE ATTACK--began lecturing the other about how he shouldn't say such things.

Keep in mind that the terrorist attack WAS IN PROGRESS, the victims were cowering on the floor, yet offensive language was the issue.

Step 3 : Feminism, destroy the Family

How do you get a generation of men to stop caring about protecting women from dangerous groups? Exploit them into submission & apathy.

While single mothers are endlessly praised by our crumbling society, their poor decisions are at the root of many of the world’s most dangerous and disastrous problems. Note that at least 75% of all divorces are instigated by women.  

Stefan Molyneux on The Ugly Truth About Single Motherhood:

Let us combine them, this lady implores men to stand up and fight for their women under attack....and is immediately reported for hate speech.

Sydney Trads comments :

"Secular egalitarianism, utilitarianism, materialism, humanism, radical individualism, and the reductionist nihilist ideologies of the twentieth century, these are all the product of a Revolutionary spirit that has toppled Throne and Altar and is now in the process of erasing Man’s particularist qualities. This is being achieved through the promotion of extreme forms of subscription identity and the elevation of so-called “gender theory” to the position of official rĂ©gime dogma.

This Revolutionary spirit has lead to an enervated populace and the natural auto-erasure that follows it. Western societies have therefore abdicated their patrimony and the consequences can be seen in the major capitals of Western Europe and the United States. The vacuum created will arguably be filled by savagery, but whether that savagery will be of an Islamic flavour is debatable. What is not debatable is that contemporary degeneracy is certainly not exemplary of Western “civilisation”; it is symptomatic of a people in decay.

What idiocrats in the West celebrate under the banner of “values” is often, ironically, a contradiction or negation of what was once called Christendom."

As Chateaubriand noted in the 18th century: “Men don’t allow themselves to be killed for their interests; they allow themselves to be killed for their passions.”  

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