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Die Confederates Die : (selective) tribalism

"Die Whites Die"

Those who defends confederate statues are defending themselves, their people. No one who wants the statues taken down is opposing the confederacy. That is the pretense. Proof : these same people now want the statute of Sam Houston, who opposed the Confederacy, taken down in Texas, and for the city to be renamed. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are also being targeted.

No, they are not confused.

What the Jewish - not redneck Southern - intellectual Paul Gottfried has to say about multiculturalism sheds light on whats really going on :

“....selective rendering of multiculturalism nurtures other misunderstandings ...If, for example, one believes that multiculturalists are historical relativists who oppose an American global democratic mission, then multiculturalism is not seen for what it is: an attack on the pre-global democratic Western core culture by those who despise the historic peoples that produced it. And if the alleged danger of “diversity” for the American people is “disaggregating” culture in abstract, then one does not have to notice that multiculturalists are busy being intolerant to the majority –  tearing down the symbols politically incorrect white Southerners and marginalizing Christians in what used to be an overwhelmingly Protestant country.

....multiculturalists are...not passionate fans of cultural diversity. They are haters of the Western past, trying to marginalize those whose ancestors exemplified that past, and those who remain Western traditionalists. 

What these haters are not about is what Canadian socialist philosopher Charles Taylor misleadingly calls “the politics of mutual recognition.” An Anglophone professor at McGill University, Taylor shows tender regard for all sorts of Third World and alternative lifestyle communities. But alas he does not extend “mutual recognition” to his own ancestral culture. The once proud Canadian majority culture and people will grow inevitably weaker in the world Taylor is helping to build.  Indeed, Taylor finds the declining WASP society to have been an insufferably narrow one in need of “enrichment.” He does not discern these failings in the alien groups whom traditional WASPs are supposed to move over and make way for. 

...multiculturalists support it [immigration] for transparent political reasons. If the U.S. in the twenty-first century comes to have a Third World – or, more specifically, Latin American – plurality, the white Western component in American life will grow weaker. And as other groups overtake and surpass the number of Euro-Americans, the multiculturalists will be on the scene to celebrate the vanishing of a despised race and its once hegemonic culture.”

Pat Buchanan adds :

Behind this remorseless drive to blast the greatest names from America’s past off public buildings, and to tear down their statues and monuments, is an egalitarian extremism rooted in envy and hate.

Among its core convictions is that spreading Christianity was a cover story for rapacious Europeans who, after discovering America, came in masses to dispossess and exterminate native peoples. “The white race,” wrote Susan Sontag “is the cancer of human history.”

What they blindly refuse to see is that while its sins are scarlet, as are those of all civilizations, it is the achievements of the West that are unrivaled.” 

Albert Pike vandalized with "Black lives Matter"

Gottfried calls this America’s “second civil war,”  the “post-bourgeois social engineers and despisers of Western civilization” see Southern traditionalists “celebrating a pre-bourgeois, agrarian, and communally structured world. That world appealed to hierarchy, place, and family...For our post-bourgeois leftist intelligentsia, this point of reference and model of behavior cannot be allowed to persist. It clashes with feminism and the current civil rights movement, and hinders the acceptance of a multicultural ambience.

Even worse, those who engage in these celebratory rites do not express the now fashionable “guilt” about members of their race and tribe. Those being remembered had owned slaves, and they would have denied women, whom in any case they treated as inherently different from men, equal access to jobs. 

Needless to say, non-Westerners are not required to dwell on similar improprieties among their ancestors or contemporaries, and so they may celebrate their collective pasts without disclaimers or reservations. The hairshirt to be worn only fits Western bodies, and in particular impenitent Southern ones.”

It is not mere tribalism though. Castigating Tucker Carlson for thinking so, Gottfried notes,

"Are these Southern “tribalists” receiving the same recognition as Black Lives Matter or do they enjoy the same respect as black politicians who say they’re offended by Confederate symbols? One might think, following Tucker’s logic, that in a society where all tribes are contending for power, Southern whites who valued ancestral symbols would be receiving the same encouragement as those on the other side. But of course this is not the case, because Tucker’s view of our present problem misses the point. Although tribalism has had serious historical consequences, it is not the same thing as multiculturalism. Tucker would do well to understand that the kind of tribalism permitted by multiculturalists is extremely selective and is not handed out to all groups in the same measure.   

For years I’ve read and heard establishment Republican and neoconservative commentators warn that if we give in to the demands of black and Latino nationalists, we’d be opening the door to right-wing white tribalism. This has not happened to any significant degree; and where it has, the phenomenon has not resulted from following the multicultural ideology promoted by the left.

Clearly multiculturalists do not value all tribal identities equally. In fact they happily divide us into victimizers and victims. Presumably white Southern male heterosexual Christians are not intended to enjoy the same collective right to an historical identity as, say, a black lesbian or a Muslim gay activist.

...the multicultural left hopes to end all tribalism by obliterating or at least downgrading the historic culture of those who are viewed as most responsible for ethnic prejudice, namely white Western peoples and the nations to which they’ve belonged.  

Progressive members of these groups are helping the left by removing crosses and other Christian symbols from public buildings, and by taking down monuments in New Orleans and Charlottesville, Virginia that offend minority leaders. Meanwhile the educational system is being reshaped in a way that justifies the claims of those holding high assigned victim cards.

Selective tribalism for designated minorities is not the same as encouraging all ethnic groups in a society to assert identitarian rights.”

To those of us who do honor folk Like General Lee, almost universally praised by American military and political leaders - black and white - up until a few decades ago, Gottfried says, 

“What your critics find inexcusable is that you are celebrating your people’s past, which was a profoundly conservative one based on family and community, and those who created and defended it. For your conspicuous indiscretions, I salute you; and I trust that generations to come will take note of your willingness to defy the spirit of what is both a cowardly and tyrannical age.”

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