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The World’s MOST IMPORTANT GRAPH has just gotten even MORE IMPORTANTER : Europe doomed

The coming Biblical starvation crisis, Europe’s Suicide...and does America need a Ben-op to protect us from the Mexicans ?

 So, Steve Sailor’s infamous MOST IMPORTANT GRAPH IN THE WORLD, has gotten a new up-date from the U.N. As you can see from the chart above, obviously, it’s gotten worse.

Will Sub-Saharan Africa’s Population Hit 10 Billion? 15 Billion? Now, most likely 15 billion won't happen, due to starvation, on the other hand these numbers assumes the total fertility rate drops to replacement today and remains that for the rest of the century. 

So, that’s another 80 million people added onto the latest UN estimates of Africa's population at the turn of the century and another 80 million removed from the European figure.

That's the entire population of Germany erased from the 2015 estimate in the most recent revision....made just 2 years ago

The 2015 prediction : Insane and horrific

New 2017 prediction : now with more horrificness

Audacious Epigone notes that : 

In 1950, Europeans made up 20% of the world's population. In 150 years--the time between Augustus and Antoninus Pius, when the Roman empire went from strength to more strength--it will have dropped to a mere 5%.

And in 1950, the vast majority of those Europeans were, well, ancestrally European. In 2100, a significant number of those counted as "European" here will have roots on the continent that extend back just a few generations at most." 

The coming starvation will be so utterly biblical, perhaps even unprecedented in all of humanity’s history, I can imagine it being worked into a new flood Mythos within the collective unconsciousness of mankind.

"In 1950, Europeans comprised 20% of the world's populationAfricans made up 9%. A century and a half later, those figures are projected to be 6% and 40%, respectively. Over a period of 150 years that means for every one European the world has added 17 Africans. 

Put in another way, Europe's population from 1950 to 2100 will have gone from 550 million to 653 million, an increase of 18.7% over a century and a half (0.11% per year). During the same period of time, Africa will have gone from 229 million to 4,468 million, an increase of 1,851.1% (2.0% per year)." 

Of course, we have been giving trillions of aid to African countries allowing their exploding population, then firing anyone who says anything about it (Noble Prize winning former head of the Human Genome Project Francis Crick)

Emigration from high fertility countries allows these countries to maintain high fertility and destroys receiving countries.

Where they gonna go ? 

This astonishing video was just released showing Global refugee patterns, watch it HERE

That's just Refugee's though.

As historian Eugene Vodolazkin points out, 

“Legal and illegal flows of migrants have reached such proportions in recent decades that comparisons to the great migrations of peoples from the fourth to seventh centuries are not exaggerated.”

And People have noticed....

John Cleese sparked fury after he said that London is "no longer an English city".

O Canada.....

Now, about these “Refugees”...Most are not refugees. Or from Syria. Or families. A little under a quarter, 22%, are children and only 16% are women.  Most are military aged men.

Hold up. Let's take a break and look at A TOTALLY UNRELATED GRAPH

World IQ level over time (Source: University of Hartford)

Professor Richard Lynn, author of IQ and the Wealth of Nations,  says according to the statistics, IQ test results in the UK, Denmark, and Australia have shown a significant decline in the past decade alone, and the average IQ of “Westerners” has plunged 10 points or more since 1900.
African populations IQ has remained steady.
In the UK, for example, tests carried out in 1980 and in 2008 showed that the average 14-year-old was two IQ points cleverer in 1980.
Brighter teens who took part in the study in 2008 were on average six IQ points less intelligent than their counterparts tested 28 years earlier.
The full extent of the effect of Third World immigration into Europe was shown by a study published by the University of Amsterdam in 2013, which showed that “Westerners” have lost 14 IQ points on average since the Victorian age.

Ok. So. What’s happening? The standard mainstream explanation is the obvious : A cabal of men in Tel-aviv are carrying out the Kalergi plan of White genocide. Possibly with the help of Galactus. A very sober analysis.

                                      Stop genocideing us Jews !

However, there are a number of conspiracy theories as well. One of the most esoteric is known as “Global Capitalism.” 

Briefly, Elites take money from middle class people, give it to poor people, so they can buy things that make upper-class people rich.

Now, in Europe the aggregate birthrate is hovering a little above 1.4 children per family. No civilization on record has even come back from 1.8. 

And people are incredibly precious because, unlike robots, only they, besides possibly being made in the Holy likeness and Image of God, have the ability to buy crap.

In America too, the White Empire is falling like Rome, White people, like Tibetans, will soon be a minority in their country. Rod Dreher is a conservative thinker who writes about the "Benedict option" to preserve Christianity from the Barbarian invasions of modernity.

So, does America need a Saint for White people ? A St. Benedict of hopeless Caucasian causes to preserve precious White genes from the invading Hispanics ?

In America it’s the HQ. E. Micheal Jones opines,

The Mexicans, as one writer rightly claimed, are not just a latter day version of the Italians. The main difference between this wave of immigration all of the others which preceded it is, as Huntington rightly points out, contiguity. The Italians had to cross thousands of miles of ocean to get to America, whereas the only thing that separates Mexico from the United States is “a line in the ground and a shallow river.

The best historical paradigm for Mexican immigration is not the Italians or any other group of recent immigrants coming to the United States. In fact, there is no historical precedent in the history of the United States that can explain what will result from Mexican immigration. In order to understand it, we need to turn to another empire and another ethnic group, namely, the Goths crossing the Danube to Rome.”

Oh boy, do we need a Rod Drehr style Ben-op for the Mexicans ?! Jones continues,

Rome’s policy of assimilating immigrant ethnic groups was predicated upon dispersal. Small groups of ethnic immigrants were sent to the far-flung corners of the empire, and there, cut off from fellow ethnics, they had no choice but to adopt the dominant culture of the Romans. 

The system of assimilation worked well, primarily because the Romans had such a powerful culture, but it was not omnipotent. It could only work if the numbers of immigrants remained relatively small and effectively dispersed. 

The Goths were allowed to settle just across the Danube from their ancestral home and in such numbers that that part of the Roman empire became Gothic. Within two years, those same Goth soldiers turned on Rome and defeated the Roman legions at the battle of Adrianople in 328. Within a quarter of a century, Alaric declared himself King of the Goths, a title tantamount to treason, and in 410 he sacked Rome. One hundred years after the Goths crossed the Danube, around September 17, 476, Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor was deposed when he ran out of money to pay his mercenaries, and the Roman Empire came to an end, replaced by the Kingdom of the Goths. 

The descendants of the Goths who crossed the Danube in such numbers in 376 did not become Romans, but they did become Christians (at first Arians and ultimately Catholic), and it was as Christians, not as Romans or Goths, that they eventually melted into what became Catholic Europe under the influence of people like St. Benedict. 

The parallels between Rome and the United States and Goths and Mexicans should be obvious. Given the iron law of empire, given the formal causality of the American empire, that example will be come inevitable as well....“Religion,” Mr. Huntington opined at Georgetown University a year ago, is critical in “shaping the identities of people and aligning the states.” The hand that shapes his destiny is the formal causality of empire. The hand that shapes the destiny of the Catholic peoples left behind to pick up the pieces is the same one which created Europe out of the rubble of Rome.”

To END, 5 min of gum ball immigration apologetics to blow your mind :

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