Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Christian Support for Trump : A Brief Guide for the Perplexed

Trump's life stands in direct contradiction to Christian principles , so why so much Christian support? 

Hypocrisy? That explains nothing.

Here's what's happening. Trump symbolizes a reaction against identity politics.

We have deconstructed whiteness, heterosexuality, and the traditional family; and Trump refuses the shame that is weaponized by political correctness to dismantle these institutions. 

Since these western identities are promoted by Christianity, you have Christians supporting Trump.

Mark Bauerlein has great insight, he notes 

In the last 50 years of culture wars in America, there has been no stronger weapon than guilt. It is the Left’s great hammer of progress. It figured powerfully in the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement, women’s liberation, and same-sex marriage. Guilt runs through the teaching of U.S. history from 5th grade through college. It colors controversies over affirmative action, transgender bathrooms, and the glass ceiling. ...If we add up the successes guilt has brought to progressive causes and identity politics, we realize just how important guilt is to the Left agenda. Without it, in fact, the Left fails.

Which brings us back to Donald Trump. Why do people hate him so?

Because he won’t accept this appointed condition. He has no white guilt. He doesn’t feel any male guilt, either, or American guilt or Christian guilt. 

We encourage black pride and Latino Pride because they have been terribly shamed in the past. Now white people as well are being shamed, because of their whiteness.

People vote and organize based less on class and political ideology and more on tribal and racial interests.

Ever notice minorities and women are always grouped together ? 

Men especially are experiencing shame.

The black caucus does not ask if a bill is good for America. It asks if it is good for black people. They believe a black politician will best represent black interests, for example.

Besides being heterosexual and pro-family, many evangelicals are also White, and so tribally their interests are perceived as being represented by Trump. There were numerous mainstream news outlets sensing this, claiming Trump represented White supremacy. Unfortunately only minorities can use political and social power to represent themselves along racial lines without being silenced as racist or supremacist.

Minorities have, understandably, organized themselves along racial lines to wield political power. Besides affirmative action, and billions spent on 'Diversity departments' promoting minorities, there are, for example, hundreds of organizations explicitly for blacks, associates for black  Women Historians, Professional Fire Fighters, California Lawyers,  Scuba Divers, Journalists, Sign Language Interpreters, Yoga Teachers, Foundation Executives, etc etc

Especially since in 25yrs Whites will be a minority, to compete, Whites must do the same.

They are not allowed to do so explicitly. 

Trump is a proxy for white heterosexual traditional identity interests protecting itself from the constant deconstruction from the left.

Trump does not represent Republican or conservative values. Right versus left no longer applies. 

The term 'racist' used as a pejorative was created in 1927 by Trotsky to weaponize language against White Christian men. It is  still used so today.

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