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The World’s MOST IMPORTANT GRAPH has just gotten even MORE IMPORTANTER : Europe doomed

The coming Biblical starvation crisis, Europe’s Suicide...and does America need a Ben-op to protect us from the Mexicans ?

 So, Steve Sailor’s infamous MOST IMPORTANT GRAPH IN THE WORLD, has gotten a new up-date from the U.N. As you can see from the chart above, obviously, it’s gotten worse.

Will Sub-Saharan Africa’s Population Hit 10 Billion? 15 Billion? Now, most likely 15 billion won't happen, due to starvation, on the other hand these numbers assumes the total fertility rate drops to replacement today and remains that for the rest of the century. 

So, that’s another 80 million people added onto the latest UN estimates of Africa's population at the turn of the century and another 80 million removed from the European figure.

That's the entire population of Germany erased from the 2015 estimate in the most recent revision....made just 2 years ago

The 2015 prediction : Insane and horrific

New 2017 prediction : now with more horrificness

Audacious Epigone notes that : 

In 1950, Europeans made up 20% of the world's population. In 150 years--the time between Augustus and Antoninus Pius, when the Roman empire went from strength to more strength--it will have dropped to a mere 5%.

And in 1950, the vast majority of those Europeans were, well, ancestrally European. In 2100, a significant number of those counted as "European" here will have roots on the continent that extend back just a few generations at most." 

The coming starvation will be so utterly biblical, perhaps even unprecedented in all of humanity’s history, I can imagine it being worked into a new flood Mythos within the collective unconsciousness of mankind.

"In 1950, Europeans comprised 20% of the world's populationAfricans made up 9%. A century and a half later, those figures are projected to be 6% and 40%, respectively. Over a period of 150 years that means for every one European the world has added 17 Africans. 

Put in another way, Europe's population from 1950 to 2100 will have gone from 550 million to 653 million, an increase of 18.7% over a century and a half (0.11% per year). During the same period of time, Africa will have gone from 229 million to 4,468 million, an increase of 1,851.1% (2.0% per year)." 

Of course, we have been giving trillions of aid to African countries allowing their exploding population, then firing anyone who says anything about it (Noble Prize winning former head of the Human Genome Project Francis Crick)

Emigration from high fertility countries allows these countries to maintain high fertility and destroys receiving countries.

Where they gonna go ? 

This astonishing video was just released showing Global refugee patterns, watch it HERE

That's just Refugee's though.

As historian Eugene Vodolazkin points out, 

“Legal and illegal flows of migrants have reached such proportions in recent decades that comparisons to the great migrations of peoples from the fourth to seventh centuries are not exaggerated.”

And People have noticed....

John Cleese sparked fury after he said that London is "no longer an English city".

O Canada.....

Now, about these “Refugees”...Most are not refugees. Or from Syria. Or families. A little under a quarter, 22%, are children and only 16% are women.  Most are military aged men.

Hold up. Let's take a break and look at A TOTALLY UNRELATED GRAPH

World IQ level over time (Source: University of Hartford)

Professor Richard Lynn, author of IQ and the Wealth of Nations,  says according to the statistics, IQ test results in the UK, Denmark, and Australia have shown a significant decline in the past decade alone, and the average IQ of “Westerners” has plunged 10 points or more since 1900.
African populations IQ has remained steady.
In the UK, for example, tests carried out in 1980 and in 2008 showed that the average 14-year-old was two IQ points cleverer in 1980.
Brighter teens who took part in the study in 2008 were on average six IQ points less intelligent than their counterparts tested 28 years earlier.
The full extent of the effect of Third World immigration into Europe was shown by a study published by the University of Amsterdam in 2013, which showed that “Westerners” have lost 14 IQ points on average since the Victorian age.

Ok. So. What’s happening? The standard mainstream explanation is the obvious : A cabal of men in Tel-aviv are carrying out the Kalergi plan of White genocide. Possibly with the help of Galactus. A very sober analysis.

                                      Stop genocideing us Jews !

However, there are a number of conspiracy theories as well. One of the most esoteric is known as “Global Capitalism.” 

Briefly, Elites take money from middle class people, give it to poor people, so they can buy things that make upper-class people rich.

Now, in Europe the aggregate birthrate is hovering a little above 1.4 children per family. No civilization on record has even come back from 1.8. 

And people are incredibly precious because, unlike robots, only they, besides possibly being made in the Holy likeness and Image of God, have the ability to buy crap.

In America too, the White Empire is falling like Rome, White people, like Tibetans, will soon be a minority in their country. Rod Dreher is a conservative thinker who writes about the "Benedict option" to preserve Christianity from the Barbarian invasions of modernity.

So, does America need a Saint for White people ? A St. Benedict of hopeless Caucasian causes to preserve precious White genes from the invading Hispanics ?

In America it’s the HQ. E. Micheal Jones opines,

The Mexicans, as one writer rightly claimed, are not just a latter day version of the Italians. The main difference between this wave of immigration all of the others which preceded it is, as Huntington rightly points out, contiguity. The Italians had to cross thousands of miles of ocean to get to America, whereas the only thing that separates Mexico from the United States is “a line in the ground and a shallow river.

The best historical paradigm for Mexican immigration is not the Italians or any other group of recent immigrants coming to the United States. In fact, there is no historical precedent in the history of the United States that can explain what will result from Mexican immigration. In order to understand it, we need to turn to another empire and another ethnic group, namely, the Goths crossing the Danube to Rome.”

Oh boy, do we need a Rod Drehr style Ben-op for the Mexicans ?! Jones continues,

Rome’s policy of assimilating immigrant ethnic groups was predicated upon dispersal. Small groups of ethnic immigrants were sent to the far-flung corners of the empire, and there, cut off from fellow ethnics, they had no choice but to adopt the dominant culture of the Romans. 

The system of assimilation worked well, primarily because the Romans had such a powerful culture, but it was not omnipotent. It could only work if the numbers of immigrants remained relatively small and effectively dispersed. 

The Goths were allowed to settle just across the Danube from their ancestral home and in such numbers that that part of the Roman empire became Gothic. Within two years, those same Goth soldiers turned on Rome and defeated the Roman legions at the battle of Adrianople in 328. Within a quarter of a century, Alaric declared himself King of the Goths, a title tantamount to treason, and in 410 he sacked Rome. One hundred years after the Goths crossed the Danube, around September 17, 476, Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor was deposed when he ran out of money to pay his mercenaries, and the Roman Empire came to an end, replaced by the Kingdom of the Goths. 

The descendants of the Goths who crossed the Danube in such numbers in 376 did not become Romans, but they did become Christians (at first Arians and ultimately Catholic), and it was as Christians, not as Romans or Goths, that they eventually melted into what became Catholic Europe under the influence of people like St. Benedict. 

The parallels between Rome and the United States and Goths and Mexicans should be obvious. Given the iron law of empire, given the formal causality of the American empire, that example will be come inevitable as well....“Religion,” Mr. Huntington opined at Georgetown University a year ago, is critical in “shaping the identities of people and aligning the states.” The hand that shapes his destiny is the formal causality of empire. The hand that shapes the destiny of the Catholic peoples left behind to pick up the pieces is the same one which created Europe out of the rubble of Rome.”

To END, 5 min of gum ball immigration apologetics to blow your mind :

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How the Church helped create Racism

The term racist as a projective was invented by Trotsky in 1927,although it appeared a few years previously in scientific literature referring to a scientist who studies race.

The reality of the word's origin is indeed quite a far cry from the left-liberal version of the story: that the word was coined in bona fides to identify people who were just plain bigoted against certain racial groups, and as a rallying cry for good liberals to protect the racial minorities from the bigots. On the contrary, the actual concept behind the word (even though he hadn't invented it quite yet) -- that ethnocentric "backwardness" must take a back seat to "enlightened" internationalism -- was often used by Army-Navy Commissar Trotsky as a rallying cry for good Red Army communists to embark upon murderous rampages against peoples who resisted having their traditional way of life paved over and replaced with an alien system.

He used it as a semantic weapon to attack Christian identity, and political correctness along with anti-racism is still used today to teach people to hate their own cultural traditions.

Orwell said the same, “racist” is a term so nebulous that it can be applied to anyone, and is used to quell political dissent and discredit Christians.

It has become a hate word for White people,
all Whites are racist. Only Whites can be racist. Therefore all Whites need to be attacked and Whiteness deconstructed.

For the baby boomers themselves, white racism becomes a synonym for cluelessness in general, but cluelessness about social engineering in particular.”

And it's done its work. Catholic scholar E. Michael Jones shows how anti racism dismantled Catholic churches, actually creating white racism,

"Racism is, in other words, a function of lack of community. It is also an argument for the ethnic parish, which the Catholic Church abandoned at the moment the federal government began promoting large-scale black migration from the South to the cities of the north. As the Irish Jesuits at the Gesu parish in North Philadelphia argued in the 1930s, Black Catholics could have preserved their faith and identity better if they had been given an ethnic parish of their own rather than attempting to integrate them into the ethnic parishes which had already been established for other nationalities. 

The same is true now for the Irish and the descendants of the other European ethnics now living in a place like Southern California. If the Church had allowed these people to retain their own communities, they would not now be abandoning Catholicism for white racism.

...the Catholic Church condemned the ethnics who defended their neighborhoods as “racists” when in fact it was the racists who were trying to destroy the neighborhood.”

And to this day, when Catholics complain about immigration once again they are denounced, but this is the very thing preventing Hispanic assimilation into the American Catholic fold.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Catholic Church failed to understand the challenge to its parishes (and therefore its existence) which social engineering posed. Obsessed with the (largely Irish) desire to assimilate, the Church ( or at least its intellectual leaders at place like the Catholic Interracial Council) adopted the racial categories of its oppressors and condemned the ethnics who defended their neighborhoods as “racists” when in fact it was the racists who were trying to destroy the neighborhood. 

When the largely Catholic population of Folcroft rioted when the Quakers smuggled a black family into their neighborhood, Catholic interracialists like Dennis Clarke had them punished by having their pastor read the U.S. Bishops 1958 statement on race from the pulpit, a document which was written in response to a school desegregation dispute in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Like Nostra Aetate in the hands of the Jews, the 1958 bishops’ statement on race became a weapon for beating up Catholics and dividing them internally. When it was read at the Catholic parish in Folcroft, many, if not most of the parishioners there literally got up and walked out of the Church. Many of them kept right on walking, and, like Dennis Ruiz, they discovered white racism at the end of their journey from the Catholic church, which failed to understand what was going on. Thus, did black racism create white racism, and thus do both of them serve the interests of the social engineers who continue to divide in order to conquer." 

It should noted that in the 70’s once class was replaced with identity politics the social conflict between the rich and the poor could be re-defined as a conflict between the White oppressor and minority oppressed, the liberation movements of the second half of the 20th Century could be effectively suppressed—which they were.

It does have one precedent however,

"We renounce, censure and condemn racism, that is racial discrimination, ethnic feuds, hatreds and dissensions within the Church of Christ, as contrary to the teaching of the Gospel and the holy canons of our blessed fathers which “support the holy Church and the entire Christian world, embellish it and lead it to divine godliness.”

-- Holy and Great pan-Orthodox Synod, Constantinople,1872.

Many have noted the extreme political nature of that synod and questioned its legitimacy.

The term phyletism from phili (Hellenic: φυλή) translated as race or tribe was coined at the Holy and Great pan-Orthodox Synod that met in Constantinople in 1872.

It’s uncertain what was meant by its
condemnation of “ecclesiastical racism” or “ethno-phyletism,” as, Vladmimr Moss comments

if it is taken to mean the formation of special racial churches, each accepting all the members of its particular race, excluding all aliens and governed exclusively by pastors of its own race, as its adherents demand, racism is unheard of and unprecedented.”

Obviously hating others is wrong. The church has never excluded anyone based on ethnicity in its history, so to condemn something that's never happened, and the fact the church managed to go 2,000 years without ever noticing the sin of racism, ought to raise red flags.

Use of the word "Racism" since 1940. Apparently no one noticed it before then.....

A couple more terms added...

And with one additional term for fun:

Link :

Racism in - Usury out !

Of course, since only White people can be racist, there are Orthodox Christian communities, such as the St. Moses the Black brotherhood, exclusively for African-Americans. But that's OK.

I know. Everything is racist. Even robots and babies.

Well, man, baby, or calculator, anything that can recognize a pattern is racist...

So, now that any religious ethnicity or local identity has been broken down, we now have “White people” as an identity, Mark Christensen writes about the consequences, 

“The context is that white identity politics is bad because white identity is based on systematic oppression; on the other hand, the political concerns of people of color are on the receiving end of oppression. To put it on a more gut-instinct level, white identity politics is Hitler, and non-white identity politics is Mandela. Mugabe and Idi Amin don’t enter the respectable mind as archetypes of non-white identity politics. 

The practiced ideology of the white, western Brahmin is this: universalism for white people, identity politics for the rest. On a more fundamental level: agency for white people, socioeconomic conditions for the rest. The latter point may explain why our Brahmin feels no contradiction when championing the cause of the African poor, whereas white American poor are the inbred, gun-toting fundies of flyover country. (South Park really caught onto something with the line “what is political correctness but a verbal form of gentrification?”)

What really matter are two things: individuals and shared humanity. Identity politics both erases individual differences between members of the group and makes us forget that we’re all human in the end.”

Anti-racism ends up functioning as racism.

Pierre- André Taguieff has pointed out, “There is no effective struggle against racism once one creates a false image of it, for then antiracism becomes a mirror image of the racist myth. To treat in a racist way those whom one is accusing of racist conduct is part and parcel of current antiracism, and one of its shortcomings. Above all, to fictional-ize ‘the Other,’ even if he be racist, is to miss who ‘the Other’ really is, never coming to know him.”

Louis Dumont notes,

“Thus one can better understand the failure of anti-racism that, in the best of cases, does not 
accept the Other more than to reduce it to the Same. As much as it erodes the differences with the hope of facilitating integration, the more it in reality makes it impossible. The more it thinks to battle against exclusion by desiring to make immigrants uprooted individuals ―like everyone else the more it contributes to the advent of a society where mimetic rivalry culminates in exclusion and generalized dehumanization. 

And finally, the more the anti-racism is believed in, the more it appears like a racism classically defined as the negation or radical devaluation of group identity, a racism that has always opposed the preeminence of a single obligatory norm, judged explicitly or implicitly as superior (and superior because it is ―universal) over the differentiated modes of life, whose mere existence seems incongruous or detestable."

Jones ends with,

"Religion is the enemy of nationalism and racism, both of which are forms of idolatry, but it is the friend of ethnicity, which can only perdure with religious roots. Ethnos needs Christ to survive, but the Body of Christ needs ethnos as form needs content. Ethnos because of its connection to reproduction is the vehicle (like the family, of which it is composed) for the transmission of the faith. Religion without ethnos is another word for deracination; so is ethnos without religion, especially when it reaches the stage of worshipping its roots in the name of nationalism. 

“Religion,” Smauel Huntington opined, is critical in “shaping the identities of people and aligning the states.” The hand that shapes his destiny is the formal causality of empire. The hand that shapes the destiny of the Catholic peoples left behind to pick up the pieces is the same one which created Europe out of the rubble of Rome."

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The spiritual roots of the Trump phenomena, Alt-Hitler VS Kali : FIGHT !

Our Nation, the World, seems to be splitting apart, the forces becoming sharper, sides are being chosen.

Traditionalist author of The System of the Anti-Christ Charles Upton has some startling things to say these spiritual currents, he claims we live in the Kali Yuga, the last spiritual  cycle of the end times, 

Following Rene Guenon in THE REIGN OF QUANTITY AND THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, I accept, and see, that our era is under the sign of the Substantial Pole, the Feminine Principle as Destroyer, the Goddess Kali.”

“The Pole of Essence, or quality is the archetype of the masculine principle, it is the origin of the hierarchical conception of being and the hierarchical organization of society. Under the regime of Substance, or quantity, however—the archetype of the feminine principle—vertical hierarchy is collapsed by a growing horizontal or “leveling” tendency...”

We see this leveling tendency where we have gone from a God enthroned King making political decisions, to a middle class elite, to a democracy of average Joe’s, finally privileging the lumpenproletariat.

This feminine reign is characterized by Materialism, “a collective obsession is born to annihilate all polarities, to achieve something like an earthly, material counterfeit of the Unity of God by eroding, denying, suppressing, and finally destroying all the true and necessary distinctions that make human life possible, including gender.”

This is clearly represented by Hilary Clinton, and the strange rise of Global Matriarchs and eunuchs.

Look at the men. Newly elected to France, Macron met his future wife in high school in Amiens. He was fifteen. She was twenty-four years older, married, with three children. She was his teacher. They have no children.

Or Leo Varadkar, gay son of an Indian immigrant, Irelands new Prime Minister.

Macron, May, & Merkel, Europe’s childless leaders, having no stake in the future, mirror their country’s own demographic decline.

German philosopher Rüdiger Safranski wrote:

"for the childless, thinking in terms of the generations to come loses relevance. Therefore, they behave more and more as if they were the last and see themselves as standing at the end of the chain".

"Europe is committing suicide. Or at least its leaders have decided to commit suicide", wrote Douglas Murray in The Times. "Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument". Murray, in his new book, entitled The Strange Death of Europe, called it "an existential civilisational tiredness".

Angela Merkel made the fatal decision to open the doors of Germany to one million and half migrants to stop the demographic winter of her country. It is not a coincidence that Merkel, who has no children, has been called "the compassionate mother" of migrants. 

In ‘Rule of the Global Eunuch The collapse of South Korea’s experiment with matriarchy confirms suspicions about the character of the global elite, Costin Vlad Alamariu records the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, the first female president of South Korea (and of anywhere in East Asia) in a bizarre scandal involving corruption, incompetence, and the occult , he thinks these leaders “serve the same function in the American regime that court eunuchs did in Oriental despotisms. Eunuchs, devoid of an identity and posterity of their own, were seen as the perfect loyal functionaries to carry out the will of a centralized bureaucratic tyranny. This is the distillation of “meritocracy,” and the modern total State apparently has plenty of virtual eunuchs to fill out the function in our time — and seems eager to promote many more.”

Socially, Women control the spending in our economy, even according to the generous numbers of Harvard University's studies -

Economically, women already spend 90% more money than they earn in the economy. They gobble up 66% of public spending from the welfare state while men pay 75% of the taxes to support this gynocentric system. Women make up 80% of all spending decisions in the materialistic, extremely wasteful and environmentally destructive economy.

Ok. Back to Upton,

“The more radical and conflictive the false polarizations operating in the latter days become, the more insistent is the call to do away with all distinctions so as to pacify these titanic conflicts—yet the denial of all sexual, cultural, ethnic and religious distinctions only further inflames and infuriates those forces which would falsely absolutize these distinctions, and set them at war. Thus an unholy alliance of false polarity and (in Guénon’s phrase) inverted hierarchy—the “Right”—and false unity and equality—the “Left”—brings the cycle of manifestation to a close.” 

The problem is that extreme egalitarianism & universalism breaks down distinctions that are necessary for meaning. 

So, Trump and Putin are the good guys, establishing a male patriarchal order & hierarchal distinctions that retain identity, right ?

Well, no. According to Upton, both are demonic.

“In the Book of Apocalypse, this polarization between and a false, imposed unity and various falsely absolutized distinctions is called  “Gog and Magog”—in the Qur’an,  “Yajuj and Majuj.” According to Apocalypse 20:7-8, “....when the thousand years are expired [the millennium during which the devil is bound, identified by Eastern Orthodox theologians as the church age], Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.” 

According to The Apocalypse of St. John: An Orthodox Commentary by Archbishop Averky of Jordanville, the meaning of Gog in Hebrew is “a gathering” or “one who gathers”, and of Magog “an exaltation” or “one who exalts”. “Exaltation” suggests the idea of transcendence as opposed to unity, “gathering” the idea of unity as opposed to transcendence. The implication, here, is that one of the deepest deceptions of Antichrist in the last days of the cycle will be to set these two integral aspects of the Absolute in opposition to each other in the collective mind, and on a global scale, in “the four quarters of the earth”. 

As for the economic and political expression of this barren satanic polarity, the false cohesion of left-wing tyranny, as well as today’s global capitalism, would fall under Gog, while both the false hierarchicalism of right-wing tyranny and the violent absolutism of the various “tribal” separatist movements opposed to globalism, both ethnic and religious, would come under Magog. 

In terms of religion, those liberal, historicist, evolutionist, quasi-materialist and crypto-Pagan theologies which emphasize God’s immanence as opposed to His transcendence are part of Gog, while those reactionary theologies which exalt transcendence over immanence, look on the material world as a vale of tears, denigrate the human body, and view the destruction of nature with indifference if not secret approval, since the best we can hope for is to get it all over with, are part of Magog. 

The conflict between the two is precisely the satanic counterfeit of the true eschatological conflict described in Apocalypse 19:11-20, between the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the Beast with his false prophet. Those who can be lured to fight in a counterfeit war between elements which ought to be reconciled, because they are essentially parts of the same reality as seen in a distorting mirror, will miss their call to fight in the true war between forces which neither should nor can be reconciled: those of the Truth and those of the Lie.  (Globalism, insofar as it sets the stage for the emergence of Guénon’s “inverted hierarchy,” also contains the seed of Magog, while tribalism, as the common inheritance of all who are excluded from the global elite, holds the seed of Gog: in the latter days, no party or class or sector can long retain its ideological stability; the “rate of contradiction” approaches the speed of light.)"

                                        A hero arises ?

"I believe that there is a true archetypal opposition between Traditionalism and Liberalism, which appears to be based on the cosmic functions of the masculine and feminine genders, or rather the masculine and feminine principles. This opposition seems to have been unveiled—for a brief moment at least—in the recent presidential election in the United States. 

Hillary Clinton and the contemporary “Liberal Left” represent a feminization of the U.S. population, as indicated by the LBGTQ agenda, but more fundamentally by a rejection of traditional American individualism in favor of an unapologetic allegiance to, and virtual worship of, the “Maternalistic State” such that her defeat produced something on the order of a “metaphysical panic” among her followers, as if their Goddess, their very principle of reality, had died."

"As for Trump and the “Populist Right”, he clearly represents a rebellion against the Maternalistic State on the part of those identified with various oppressed aspects of the Masculine Principle, which is now experiencing a resurgence, though presently expressing itself in some ways as a mere self-caricature. When any true Spiritual Masculinity lacks cultural expression, the only collective identities available to the mass of  men are—to use the common American high school slang—the “jock” and the “nerd”: the man whose only mode of self-expression is physical conflict and brutality, and the man whose masculinity is limited to the technological application of abstract thought.”

Jock and Nerd ? Doesn't this perfectly describe the Alt-right - a bunch of computer hackers on /pol/ teaming up with ulta-virile Fascist and White nationalists ? And isn't this precisely what they are doing - absolutizing race and tribe above spiritual principals ? This is understandable against the homogenizing, deracinated extremism of Universalist Christianity which refuse all aspects of nationality or ethnicity.

                           This is what the alt-right actually believes

“In the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump, we may in fact be seeing a reflection (one of many past, possible, and to come) of the prophesy in the Book of the Apocalypse where a luxurious, self-indulgent maritime mercantile empire, ruled by the Whore of Babylon, is overthrown by the Beast, the Antichrist—the very picture of the rebellion of a perverted Masculine Principle against a degenerate Feminine Principle. 

I certainly do not mean to imply by this analogy that Donald Trump is in any sense the Antichrist in person, only that—despite whatever may be positive in his policies—he is one of the many mirrors that will temporarily reflect the Antichrist archetype. Antichrist himself must be the overt hierophant of the final Satanic religion, and Trump in no way satisfies this definition. This Gog-Magog opposition can be clearly discerned in the present fighting styles of the Left and the Right in the United States, where the weapons of choice of the Left are moral superiority and shame, those of the Right, anger and fear. Who can deny that these are the traditionally-preferred tactics in the perennial battle of the sexes?”

Sound far fetched ?The neo-nazi site, Daily Stormer, which gets over 500,000 daily views recently published this article about the break-down of reality - recognize the gal with the severed heads ? That’s Kali. 

The article cites complaints that are clearly signs of a wounded masculinity :

You are abandoned by your father because she was bored and destroyed your family. Because she was bored... 
You are a bastard.
You are addicted to internet pornography.
You have an immediate family member that is an open homosexual.
You engage regularly in semi-anonymous sex.
You cannot get a woman to have sex with you at all.
You cannot make a relationship work.
You are in your twenties or thirties, and still feel like a teenage boy.
You do not believe you will ever have a family or children.
You have gotten a girl pregnant, and she murdered your child before he or she was born.
You have bastard children.
You are overweight.
You are living with a woman and some other man’s child.
You will never own your own home.
You are an adult, and cartoons and/or video games are the most exciting part of your life.

And Mr. Upton makes it explicit that,

“this sort of polarization is between the masculine/Traditional and the feminine/Liberal, worldviews, the latter being the dominant myth of the European Union, and the former of the rising nationalist reactions against it...”

Part of this reaction is Islam. Feminist rail endlessly against "Rape culture" and yet....

Islam, particularly Saudi Arabia or Isis, stands for everything feminism abhors, patriarchy, female oppression, homophobia, but psychoanalyst Jordan Peterson notes that women support Islam because they crave male domination.

He points to 50 shades of Gray. Also notice the
 recent studies on the “Great Mystery: Why are So Many Women Searching for Ultraviolent Rape and Physical Abuse Porn?”

He notes that men test ideas and women test men. Western Man is failing woman’s “shit tests.” 

75% of all Muslim “refugees” are military age men. We all know that were these refugee’s big bosomed blondes there would be few feminist’s with welcoming signs.

Let’s not forget the constant scandals of woman Refugee workers having sex with minors at refugee camps. 

                               So, Sweden has changed....

So here we have Trump, standing against immigration, as the male principle opposing all this.

Now, which side ought you be on? Neither.

The titanic conflict between the regime of Substance and the reaction against it—both of which are equally manifestations of the last days of the Kali-yuga—is symbolized in the Book of the Apocalypse by “Gog and Magog”, and in the Qur’an by “Yajuj and Majuj”—who, according to the latter source, will slither down every slope [Q. 21:96]. That is to say, both the universal leveling-power of Substance and the reactionary attempt to re-establish hierarchy in opposition to it will form part of the same universal sinking tendency that characterizes the final days of the cycle.....the latter days of the cycle are characterized by titanic conflicts between false alternatives which are ultimately expressions of the same universal degeneration...

However, the Book of the Apocalypse also presents us a picture of the true eschatological conflict of the latter days, a battle of which the false conflict between Gog and Magog is a mere caricature. ...To those who are able to place the will of God above both their own self-will and any worldly agenda—and the knowledge given by God above any worldly analysis—it may become possible (God willing) to play a role in the true eschatological, messianic conflict of the latter days: possible, and therefore necessary.”

The true war, Upton says, is not between Nationalism vs Globalism, Right vs Left, Christianity vs Islam....While affirming Muslms have no place in Christian lands, Mark Citadel puts it more globally :

"I am glad that there are those of Traditionalist persuasion in other religions who understand the tidal wave of what is essentially satanism that threatens the ENTIRE Traditional order, not just the Christian one which it has largely succeeded in overthrowing....

The differing religions of the world have always had friction between them, such is of course natural since all religions have political implications and where politics differs, conflict arises.

However, there is a greater threat which should be recognized by all, and it is a threat more insidious than anything like ISIS, because it often doesn’t need to use force to get its way. It is far more cunning, more like the deceiver himself than like Behemoth.

Across nations, there should be a consensus among religiously diverse societies and communities. The #1 threat to all Traditional religious practices, is Modernity. It doesn’t stop in Europe."

We ought to bring these issues out into the light, instead of letting them fester into the alt-right subterranean rage. Roger Scruton’s definition of a deplorable - someone who lives with the policies passed by a liberal. Otherwise, their grievances will be shouted done with accusations of “Nazi” & “KKK”, and these will be the only places that will hear them.