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Man freed from Christianity celebrates White Nationalism

Alexander Dugin posits a post-anthropology of the coming Hell on Earth.

Basically he argues since the enlightenment we’ve been under 

“the myth of Prometheus, who inspired both the rationalists and romantics, the people of day and the poets of night,” and then beginning on the 19th century the myth of Dionysus - “the main myth of people engaged in media (and, as a rule, dropouts, drunks, perverts and drug addicts, as Durand aptly noted), cinema, and later television, intellectuals, and artists - typical people of  the night in practically all societies. Gradually imbued with the individualist-hedonistic style of “journalists”, inveterate skeptics, and the opponents of all rational organization (enemies of the social logos), society became a society of entertainment and enjoyment, the “society of the spectacle.”

Also interesting he notes “ in liberal civilization, economics is a substitute for order and logos”

He claims the new actors will be neither classes (as in communism) nor races (as in National-Socialism) nor even the individual (as in liberalism) but that,

“modern man’s ego will become dynamic, plural, game-like, and random can already be seen everywhere - in the constant changing of professions, moving (the new nomadism), changing genders, nick-names, the appearance of doubles and clones (first in literature, films, and computer games, but tomorrow in practice). Such will become commonplace as life acquires more of an ironic, game-like nature. The cycle will shrink as families, partners, friends, countries, and occupations are changed with kaleidoscopic speed. People will change their gender all the more often, and sex-change operations will come to be more than a one time affair - one is a woman, has enough, becomes a man, then a woman again, and so on. But after a certain point - we will hardly notice it - the notion of individual identity itself will dissolve and the principle of freedom will corrode the “totalitarian shackles” of individuality. In the human atom separate components will be “discovered” - electrons, protons, quarks which will demand for themselves “new freedoms.”

Interestingly, he claims Woman created man. “In the literal sense, she gave birth to him. Figuratively, she invented him. Man was thought up by woman in three forms - as the baby, the hero, and the wise old teacher. These are the three instances of the unconscious.”

 “The social projections of the female spirit earlier weaved together images of heroic men and imposed such as the standard. When this work was weakened in a segment of the social logos for which female personalities were responsible in the era of patriarchy, then everything collapsed. Only strange and untidy beings of non-traditional orientations remain - freaks and geeks. Patriarchy was a product of the extrapolation of the female fantasy.”

“This will be the figure of the final release of female energy, the solar hero, the “superman” - innocent like a child, cruel as a man, and wise as an elder. Feminine dialogue with the unconscious will yield the final volley of erotic energy in a flying, golden figure. It will be ephemeral and quickly dissolve since, given the absence of social order (on the surface of which the leftover residue will swim in the likes of traffic police, who will easily survive the disappearance of sense and logic in things), Animus will have nothing through which to secure its will to power. This will be the flash of the absolute dawn of metaphysical “fascism” which will show itself on the horizon only to melt away into the impending night in a flash.”

And finally,

“Yet another, fifth, element will be the background, which can only be described as the “return of the ancient gods” (Heidegger’s formula), the rise of the collective unconscious or hell in its etymological form, as the invisible (Hades) becomes visible (idea, form). In the absence of a repressing logos, all myths will rise up together without any diachronical control or any order (Ordnung).”

Christians, he says, will be uniquely safe from this coming chaos :

Christian consciousness can also safely relate to this as religion demands. In a moral, strictly religious sense, temptation should have no power or force over saved man if evil does not in one moment assume ambiguous features that form a spiritual and moral choice - for the discernment of spirits is a truly heroic challenge and great feat - and not taking itself for granted as socio-cultural banality. When evil comes in the guise of evil, it is not so difficult to reject. When it comes forth as something incomprehensible and overwhelming all at once, then taking a strict position is much more difficult. Everything spins and falls out of place, and it is impossible to distinguish one thing from the other. This is vigorous and effective evil.”


  1. Dear Jonny Red,

    I'm in the process of writing a book titled DUGIN AGAINST DUGIN. I'm basing it on THE FOURTH POLITICAL THEORY, but I suppose I will need to better familiarize myself with his whole body of work. Could you possibly send me the citations for the above quotations? He seems to Have taken certain notions from my book THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST (2001), or arrived at them independently.

    I agree with much of what Dugin says, and I disagree with almost as much. For example, the notion that "woman created man" (if this is really his doctrine). When he sees the Collective Unconscious as the Great Goddess who creates and destroys all -- even the Logos -- he denies God, and someone who denies God has no right to speak for Christianity one way or the other. Following Rene Guenon in THE REIGN OF QUANTITY AND THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, I accept, and see, that our era is under the sign of the Substantial Pole, the Feminine Principle as Destroyer, the Goddess Kali. If She were the true primal Principle, Dugin would be right. He forgets, or denies, that God as Creator is masculine in relation to the created universe; He manifests as Forma vis-à-vis creation as Materia. Our task in these latter days is to maintain our relationship to God -- at the transcendent Source of Forma -- al all cost.

    I would only add that the world Dugin foresees -- or sees now -- is not VIABLE. It needs to be seen not as a new era -- that is, a new form for human life, a new manifestation of the Logos -- but as dissolution pure and simple. The true context for Dugin's vision is not sociology, but eschatology.

    Charles Upton

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    2. Mr. Upton, I’m a big fan of yours, thanks for stopping by ! I agree we are certainly under the sign of the demonic feminine. I too have a problem with his critiques of “The West,” and his description of the Greek Logos, being essentially Masculine, dominating, authoritative, vertical, hierarchical order of being and knowledge, as problematical.


He advocates a “kind of post-order and the Greek Сhaos as pre-order, as something that exists before the ordered reality has come into being.”

      Dugin speaks of chaos as “something that precedes being and order, something pre-ontological.”

      He seems to identify this Chaos with the apeiron, and that a restoration of the ontology of pre-existing Chaos out of which Logos can arise is the only way to save the Logos from the perversion of post modernity. 

      But then he describes this Chaos “as something that preceded the Logos abolished by it and its exclusivity was manifested and dismissed by the same move. The masculine Logos ousted the feminine Chaos, the exclusivity and exclusion subdued the inclusivity and the inclusion.” Here, we see Chaos not as a the boundless, limitless first principle, but rather as the opposition to the Logos (made clear by the description of the Logos as essentially masculine and Chaos as essentially feminine).

      So I think his Marxist, Postmodern, feminine sensibilities betray any fidelity to a Christian Logos that is outside, and the source of, being.

      I might recommend you contact Matthew Rafael, he has read everything Dugin has written, only a small amount of which has been translated into english. He’s mentioned that Dugin has grown quite a bit since the 4th Political Theory came out, and that as his involvement in the Orthodox Old Believers Church has deepened, he has shed much of his esoteric Occult accouterments. He’s very generous with his time, you can find him on Facebook or

      You can find the Dugin’s full essay from which I quote translated by Jafe Arnold here :