Friday, January 20, 2017

Das Transexual

The strange inversion of Trans/Gay issues backed by massive amounts of Corporate money and political power, while the working class now feels itself to be the marginalized outcasts, I think of the philosopher Zygmunt Bauman's observation on our modern concepts of purity and order :

“In the postmodern world of freely competing styles and life patterns [...] one needs to be capable of being seduced by the infinite possibility and constant renewal promoted by the consumer market, of rejoicing in the chance of putting on and taking off identities, of spending one's life in the never ending chase after ever more intense sensations and even more exhilarating experience. Not everybody can pass that test. Those who do not are the 'dirt' of postmodern society.”

The “dirt”are the those who cannot conform to the postmodern lifestyle of dynamic identities and lifestyle consumption, as John Milbank says :

"....the poor or relatively poor simply cannot afford the experimentation with sex, drugs and lifestyle that can be afforded by those cushioned by wealth. Thus the result of sexual liberalism and the decay of marriage as a norm for working people is too often women left on their own with babies, and young men (shorn of their traditional chivalric and regular breadwinning dignity) driven to suicide."

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